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Pelaksanaan UKA PLPG Sertifikasi Guru 2013

Setelah ada tahap awal yaitu tahap penetapan calon peserta Sergu 2013 yang akan melaksanakan tes UKA bagi yang lolos verifikasi pada Jadwal Verifikasi data peserta Sergu 2013 maka tinggal menunggu pelaksanaannya saja yang informasinya akan diberikan disini hanya untuk sobat semua, mari disimak.

Poin pertama yang mungkin sudah diketahui bapak/ibu guru yang akan mengikuti UKA (Uji Kompetensi Guru) semua bahwa pada pelaksanaannya tes UKA dilakukan secara online yang bertempat pada di TUK yang telah ditetapkan oleh Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten/Kota.

Yang tidak kalah pentingnya nanti pada saat pelaksanaan UKA PLPG pada Sertifikasi Guru 2013 yang akan datang Masing-masing calon peserta akan mendapat Kartu Peserta Uji Kompetensi yang dapat dicetak dari AP2SG serta bidang studi yang diujikan akan berbeda bagi masing-masing guru berdasarkan kompetensi bidang studi masing-masing dalam sertifikasi guru 2013, terima kasih.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Makes a Smartphone Smart?

What Makes a Smartphone Smart? 


We tackle the question: Just what is a smartphone, and why is it so smart?

From , former Guide
T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide
The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, one of today's most advanced smartphones.
You probably hear the term "smartphone" tossed around a lot. But if you've ever wondered exactly what a smartphone is, well, you're not alone. How is a smartphone different than a cell phone, and what makes it so smart?
In a nutshell, a smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that, in the past, you would have found only on a personal digital assistant or a computer--such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit Office documents, for example.
But, to really understand what a smartphone is (and is not), we should start with a history lesson. In the beginning, there were cell phones and personal digital assistants (or PDAs). Cell phones were used for making calls--and not much else--while PDAs, like the Palm Pilot, were used as personal, portable organizers. A PDA could store your contact info and a to-do list, and could sync with your computer.
Eventually, PDAs gained wireless connectivity and were able to send and receive e-mail. Cell phones, meanwhile, gained messaging capabilities, too. PDAs then added cellular phone features, while cell phones added more PDA-like (and even computer-like) features. The result was the smartphone.

Key Smartphone Features

While there is no standard definition of the term "smartphone" across the industry, we thought it would be helpful to point out what we here at define as a smartphone, and what we consider a cell phone. Here are the features we look at:
Operating System: In general, a smartphone will be based on an operating system that allows it to run applications. Apple's iPhone runs the iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones run the BlackBerry OS. Other devices run Google's Android OS, HP's webOS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone.
Apps: While almost all cell phones include some sort of software (even the most basic models these days include an address book or some sort of contact manager, for example), a smartphone will have the ability to do more. It may allow you to create and edit Microsoft Office documents--or at least view the files. It may allow you to download apps, such as personal and business finance managers, handy personal assistants, or, well, almost anything. Or it may allow you to edit photos, get ]driving directions via GPS, and create a playlist of digital tunes.
Web Access: More smartphones can access the Web at higher speeds, thanks to the growth of 4G and 3G data networks, as well as the addition of Wi-Fi support to many handsets. Still, while not all smartphones offer high-speed Web access, they all offer some sort of access. You can use your smartphone to browse your favorite sites.
QWERTY Keyboard: By our definition, a smartphone includes a QWERTY keyboard. This means that the keys are laid out in the same manner they would be on your computer keyboard--not in alphabetical order on top of a numeric keypad, where you have to tap the number 1 to enter an A, B, or C. The keyboard can be hardware (physical keys that you type on) or software (on a touch screen, like you'll find on the iPhone).
Messaging: All cell phones can send and receive text messages, but what sets a smartphone apart is its handling of e-mail. A smartphone can sync with your personal and, most likely, your professional e-mail account. Some smartphones can support multiple e-mail accounts. Others include access to the popular instant messaging services, like AOL's AIM and Yahoo! Messenger.
These are just some of the features that make a smartphone smart. The technology surrounding smartphones and cell phones is constantly changing, though. What constitutes a smartphone today may change by next week, next month, or next year. Stay tuned!

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Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is Hindu - Budhist temple. It was build in the nineth century under Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram kingdom. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Borobudur is well-known all over the world. Its construction is influenced by the Gupta architecture of India. The temple is constructed on a hill 46 m high and consist of eight step like stone terrace. The first five terrace are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Budist sculpture in bas-relief. The upper three are circular. Each of them is with a circle of bell shape-stupa. The entire adifice is crowned by a large stupa at the centre at the centre of the top circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passage and starways. The design of borobudur which symbolizes the structure of universe influences temples at Angkor, Cambodia.

Borobudur temple which is rededicated as an Indonesian monument in 1983 is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Teach 1st Grade


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Teaching 1st grade will be different by teaching high school students. Required certain techniques so that the child can absorb lessons more fun considering the psychological child is still in the early learning stages.

The voice sounded clear enough by children, intonation, etc. are things that are very important to be possessed by the teacher. For early elementary grades, they are still considered early childhood, before providing early childhood learning, as teachers need to recognize the characteristics of elementary school age children first. Do not forget to always give something new and varied for them. No need expensive, objects in the environment can be the object of exploration for children.

The period is also very short of their concentration. Thus, teachers must have a second plan, and even third, fourth plan needs to be prepared for them so they do not saturate. Keep in mind that early childhood is a period play. Thus, the instruction given to them should be based on the principles of play (fun, children can explore, gain a lot of experience).

Children are not miniature adults but they have the characteristics and uniqueness of each. So, do not equate them with the high school kids that are easier on the set and was able to concentrate for a long time.

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Ingredients of nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng

Ingredients of nasi goreng:
  • 4 cups cold cooked rice
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 egg , lightly beaten
  • 5 shallots , peeled and sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic , peeled and sliced
  • 3 red chilies , sliced
  • 1 teaspoon dried shrimp paste
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
  • sliced cucumber (to garnish)
  • sliced tomato (to garnish)
  • 8 ounces sliced chicken or 8 ounces sliced pork or 8 ounces medium shrimp , shelled,deveined and chopped (optional)
  • 1 cup shredded cabbage (optional)

How to Make nasing goreng recipe:
  1. Stir the rice with a fork to separate the grains.
  2. Pour a small amount of oil in a wok and fry the egg to make a thin omelet; cool, then shred.
  3. Heat the remaining oil in the wok and fry the shallots, garlic, chilies and shrimp paste until the shallots are tender (if adding any meat or shredded cabbage to this dish, add now and cook until meat is cooked through).
  4. Increase the heat to high and add the rice, salt and soy sauce, adding a little oil if necessary, stirring constantly until well mixed and heated through.
  5. Garnish with shredded egg, cucumber, and tomato.
  6. Serve with fried egg, fried chicken, satay, and tasty, (in the traditional style), if desired.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Jakarta, November 12th 2012

Attention To: Human Resources Department
PT. Jakarta Realty
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 50A
South Jakarta, Indonesia 12970

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read from your advertisement at Kompas that your company is looking for employees to hold some position. Based on the advertisement, I am interested in applying application for Engineer position according with my background educational as Engineering Physics.

My name is Harry Prasetyo, I am twenty three years old. I have graduated from Engineering Physics Department ISTN on April 2012. My specialization in Engineering Physics is Instrumentation and Control specialist. I consider myself that I have qualifications as you want. I have good motivation for progress and growing, eager to learn, and can work with a team (team work) or by myself. Beside that I posses adequate computer skill and have good command in English (spoken and written).

With my qualifications, I confident that I will be able to contribute effectively to your company. Herewith I enclose my :

1. Copy of Bachelor Degree (S-1) Certificate and Academic Transcript.
2. Curriculum Vitae.
3. Copy of Job Training Certificate from Unocal Indonesia Company.
4. Recent photograph with size of 4x6

I would express my gratitude for your attention and I hope I could follow your recruitment test luckily.


Harry Prasetyo

Sample Speech Commemorating the Day of Kartini

Sample Speech Commemorating the Day of Kartini
Dear Mr and Mrs ...
Dear Mr. Chairman of the RW ...
Mr Chairman of the RT ...
Adolescents and youth peer territory ...
Ladies and noble presence,

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Prosperous and happy congratulations also goes to our audience and the presence of a religion other than Islam.

On this happy morning, let us reflect and pray together for a moment, hopefully we are up this morning still blessed with happiness by God the Almighty, given the power to give thanks always, the grace and guidance of Almighty God. Gratitude, let us prove to keep running and stay away from the obligation imposed by Allah the Lord is the Most Just.

Furthermore, on this blessed morning, we should also grateful for the opportunity given by God the Almighty God's love, who by his grace we can also jointly held a ceremony commemorating the "Day of Kartini." Kartini's name, is not foreign. Even in this present life had etched an attitude, especially the attitude of the mother, the attitude of the adolescent, who reflects the ideals of the noble mother of Kartini.

As a woman who certainly could not leave his nature as a woman, it now increasingly appears that the fellow seated himself as a warrior nation, has been able to put ourselves Indonesian woman as a fighter who did not want to say number two on the men.

That being assertive women that directly reflect the ideals of Kartini's nobility. That attitude also shows how the Indonesian human rights is addressed. Especially a woman's right to participate in putting yourself to build your nation of Indonesia.

It is not exaggerating if women today are able to talk parallel to the menfolk. Even in our village has a lot of women who rank even higher than some of the brothers. This shows that our nation, especially the women really have realized how important the role and ability of women in upholding the life of the nation, state and society.

We always commemorate Kartini Day every year. But should not at times when we display this warning just reserved for the work and women. But more than that, hopefully every day, every period of the Indonesian women still struggling and still aspire, as a nation that perfumed name.

May God always bless us, especially the women of Indonesia in establishing national and state life. May the glorious women grow, grow strong in keeping the big names of the nation, state, society, and do not forget, may remain victorious in keeping the family name. Amen!

Suffice it used to welcome us all, billahitaufiq walhidayah,
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Ideas for flooring in your home

Ideas for flooring in your home
 by: Builder Brian

Your home is your paradise and if you are planning to renovate your home, goes for the changes that are not only eye catchy but also comfortable for you and your family. Remodeling of the home is associated with revolutions and amendments adjusted in every nook and cranny of the home. If you are going to change the flooring of your home there are some tips for flooring of different parts of you house.

Bedroom flooring:

There are plenty options when it comes to flooring in your bedroom. Being the most private and personalized part of your home, your bedroom is the place which grabs a big part of your budget whenever you are remodeling your home. You can use carpet, tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork or laminate. Play with different materials in different rooms. You can opt for striped light and dark shades in your boy's room so that if your son is going to create mess, which is unavoidable, the flooring can withstand the burden. Also the flooring can bear heavy traffic of the folks coming in the bedroom. For more powerful scratch and water resistant flooring you can choose laminate.

Living room flooring:

It is the most used part that withholds most of the traffic coming in and out of the house. It is highly recommended that the flooring should be strong enough that it can endure all such amendments done with your furniture or to the increasing and decreasing ratio of visitors. For this purpose you can opt for hardwood flooring. Being classy and sophisticated in look it is the perfect choice for your living room whenever you are remodeling your home.

Kitchen flooring:

Design the floor of your kitchen in such a way that it not only looks pretty but also gives a practical impression. You can choose from vinyl, tile, natural stone, wood, cork or laminate. A floor covering that is water resistant and durable such as tile is a best choice to protect against potential water damage. Make sure when you choose your floor to order a little extra of the product in the event that you drop something like a pot on your floor. If the flooring material is damaged, you will be sure to have enough to repair the floor because often floor manufacturers have high turnover of their products to insure a continual buying cycle. Most flooring contractors add 5-10% additional square footage of the flooring product to their purchase order to insure they have enough for the project and to provide the client with a little extra flooring for future use.

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The Cost of a Basement Finishing Project

The Cost of a Basement Finishing Project
 by: Felecia Drake

You have been repeatedly told that finishing the basement of your Fargo home is a cost effective way of obtaining additional floor space. Since the basement is at a different level from your main living area you can finish it to gain a quiet and peaceful place to use as your home office, sport's room, home theater, or living area. Alternatively, you can finish your basement to be used as a children's play room or music room and ensure peace and order in the rest of your home. While the possibilities are endless, you naturally want to know how much the basement finishing project will cost.

Factors Affecting the Basement Finishing Cost

Like any construction project the cost of finishing the basement of your North Dakota home depends on various factors. Some of them are:

Size of the basement

Number of rooms needed

Need for egress windows

Appliances that will be used in the finished basement

Electrical work needed

Custom carpeting

Number of support pillars that are present

Amount of trim and molding desired

Number of windows

Some of these factors can be decided only after the design of the basement is finalized. Many home owners choose to finish only a part of the basement and retain the rest as storage space. This will require a door to access the storage space with ease. You do not want your guests seeing a pile of stuff, your stuff, when they are watching TV or playing some pool in your basement. It does not matter how nice you fix up the basement if half of it is filled by items collecting dust.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Apart from the costs mentioned above, many people decide to add a bathroom to their basement to minimize the number of trips upstairs. A dehumidifier too might be essential to keep the finished basement in Bismarck, ND, dry and usable. These additions naturally will add to the cost of your basement finishing project. However, the extra costs will add to the comfort level of the basement room and increase the value of your home.

Remodeling Costs

Homeowners planning to remodel the basement of their Fargo home will have to spend less than those wanting a complete basement finishing job done. When undertaking a remodeling project, the contractor will be able to utilize some of the existing tiles and other basement finishing products. For instance the floor and roof tiles might be retained. Also, if the existing windows have energy efficient panes, there is no need to replace them. This means that you have to only pay for the extra light fixtures and the cost of labor for their installation. By investing only a small sum, you will be able to convert the unused playroom into a home theater or home office.

Safety of Finished Basements

When it comes to a basement finishing project in Fergus Falls, MN, Fargo, or anywhere else, your imagination is the only limiting factor. The superior specialized basement finishing products available can convert even the most unpromising of basements - one that is dark and damp and has many support pillars and uneven walls into a warm, cheerful, and inviting room that can be safely used by all members of your family.

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What You Ought To Know About Windows For Your Homes

What You Ought To Know About Windows For Your Homes
 by: Darwin Ball


The way they are constructed, makes double hung windows very popular. Cleaning double hung windows are easier than windows based on a spiral or string system because they won't allow the sash to drop out when you are cleaning them. Double hung windows tilt in a way that uses a flush fitting tilt release which is more attractive than screwed in tilt release systems that are more commonly used. You may find that choosing a quality window is difficult because of the overwhelming number of options. A solid warranty offered by a quality manufacturer as well as your budget should be important factors in the window decision you make. Windows are a large investment and if you pick wisely you can save money over the long run by improving your energy efficiency. In order to save money in the future you may be wise to spend a little more on your windows now..

Quality doors add to the curb appeal of a home and also enhance your home's security. Block the noise outside from entering your home with a well built door which will provide a sound barrier. Energy efficiency is the most important door feature to have. Well built doors provide tight, long-lasting barriers by using effective weather seals to improve energy efficiency. The function of door (patio, garage, front or interior door) will certainly be a factor in your decision. When you install a door ensure it is up to code and meets the safety features in your area. There are a number of design options you can choose from when it comes to doors, such as whether you would like to use coloured, textured or wrought iron glass. There are many types of materials that hand formed bevels come in like black chrome, lead, brass, copper, zinc and antique black. Breaking a door by force in order to enter your home is more difficult when you have well built security plates in your door.

When installing doors and windows in your house don't forget to factor in window coverings into the price. New technology has improved the quality of shutters and blinds now available. The decision of using a shutter or blind will come down to personal preference because there are so many benefits to both. Blinds are sometimes preferred because of the flexibility they offer for installation and the variety of colours and types you can choose from. Common types of blinds include roman, roller, sheers, pleated shades or cellular shades. The fact that shutters offer home owners privacy, durability and versatility are key benefits. Shutters are designed to allow you to control the amount of privacy and light in your home. The features of light and privacy control offered by shutters makes them a popular choice. Shutters don't shrink, fade, peel or crack, which makes them a great investment for home owners. Shutters can be cleaned easily, making them a popular choice. The ability to easily remove shutters that have a hinge-release panel makes cleaning them very accessible. Whether you want to install shutters inside the window frame or not is up to you. If you find a reliable manufacturer they will usually offer a solid warranty, perhaps even up to 25 years. The quality, type or size of window coverings you choose will impact the price.

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Is it time to step up to a full service VPS hosting option?

Is it time to step up to a full service VPS hosting option?
 by: MKenneth Feick

For anybody who is fed up with the inadequate overall performance of their shared web server but not yet in a position to step up to a costly dedicated server than the most suitable option available for you would be a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The two main forms of VPS solutions are managed and unmanaged VPS services. Managed VPS hosting services are similar in a lot of ways to hosting that is shared. You'll receive skilled pros who will take care of any issues with your hosting server which could develop.

Managed VPS hosting servers are the most useful way to go if you're not very tech savvy or do not have the employees available to take care of any technical concerns that will arise with the hosting. You may also decide on Managed hosting if you're a business owner who just desires to focus on operating their business rather than concern yourself with if your server is functioning so that your clients can reach and use it. You can sleep well at night knowing your website is in safe hands.

Most good Managed VPS hosting providers will ensure you get 24/7 support that should quickly try to deal with any complications with your hosting server or if you would like to add new email accounts or domains to the server. It is possible to usually put in a simple request and this will be taken good care of.

A great company is Tecsys who make available both virtual offices in India among their services.

Unmanaged VPS hosting services will mean that you happen to be accountable for caring for your Windows or Linux server. Unmanaged servers tend to be made use of by businesses that either have proprietors that are technically very knowledge and can fix any problems that may crop up or they hire staff who are able to handle the problems on behalf of the company.

Although unmanaged VPS hosting is frequently less than managed hosting simply because you are not paying for the technical support nevertheless, you have to make sure you'll be able to take care of any technical issues that happen or you might find yourself with no functioning internet site for hours on end or even days which ultimately means that you end up paying much more in lost business than it would should you have had used a managed VPS hosting account.

If you're willing to take your online business to a higher level then you certainly should consider upgrading from a shared server to a VPS hosting account that you either are comfortable taking care of yourself or opt to have a great hosting company manage it for you.

Why Search Rules the Internet

Why Search Rules the Internet
By: Ross Moffat

What do you do if you need information on a local restaurant, a plumber, what’s on at the cinema or what else that guy in the film you’re watching was in? You go online of course.

"Just Google it" is now a common response to virtually any question. We have access to so much up the minute news and information at our fingertips and it is all channelled through search engines.

The internet is growing larger and faster than ever. More and more people are going online; more and more people are browsing for information online and, crucially, more people are buying online.

But just how much power does the internet and its search engines hold over our daily lives?

1) The Internet Is Massive

They say "everyone is online these days" and whilst that isn’t true (only 1 in 3 are) the number is rising faster than it ever has before – as is the size of the internet itself.

• There were 2.28 billion internet users in March 2012 (32% of the world’s population) double the number there was 5 years previous
• 53 million were from the UK – that’s 85% of the population
• There are at least 7.9 billion pages on the World Wide Web

2) People Use the Internet to Search

Alongside email, typing words into a search box is the most common internet activity. With the level of data available to people at such speed and with such ease more and more people are turning to the net for their news, entertainment and social life. And they find most of it via a search engine.

• 93% of online visits start with visiting a search engine.
• The search engine industry is believed to be worth more than $16 billion – four times its value back in 2004.
• In March 2012 the total internet population spent 2.2 trillion minutes online viewing 3.5 trillion pages.
• 92% of internet users use a Search Engine, more than any other internet activity.
• There are over 4 million internet searches per minute

3) Google Owns Search

There is a reason people say "Google it" and not "Yahoo it" or "Bing it". Google owns search.
Search engines are the gates to the internet and Google is the key master.

• Two thirds of all global internet searches are done through Google
• 91% of all searches in the UK used the Google search engine with 2.3bn UK searches being made in May 2012
• Google receives over 1 billion search queries each day

4) Search Drives Commerce

People may complain that it is causing the death of the high street and traditional shops, but given how ecommerce has revolutionised the way we shop I can see why people may not be too keen to venture down the high street on a December weekend. The internet allows you to browse every conceivable product on the market from the comfort of your own home and have the products delivered to you (sometimes with no charge) in a matter of days – and we love it!

• The online shopper population will grow to 184.3 million in 2012.
• Around 39% of customers for online businesses came from search engines.
• 88.1% of US internet users over 14 will use the internet to browse or research products in 2012.
• 13.5% of all purchases in the UK in 2010 was done over the internet with this figure expected to grow at a faster rate than the US and China.
For internet marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and help on how to master the search engine this author recommends Only Web (
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Getting Started with Your Website: What You Need to Know

Getting Started with Your Website: What You Need to Know
By: Peter Pike
Getting started with your website can be a tough process. But setting up a site has become easier with the many tools and resources available at your disposal. Basically you need to get a domain name, select a web host, design and test the site. And the final step is to get people to visit your site.

1. Acquire a Domain Name
The domain name will be the name of your website. It is like registering a business name. You need to pay an annual fee ($10 to $35) once you have it registered. You can register with a domain name registrar although there is an option to register it via a web hosting service. Make sure that the name you choose is appropriate for your business.

2. Choose a Web Hosting Service
A web hosting company consists of computers and servers linked to the web. When the company hosts your website, anyone on the Internet will be able to access it. Web hosting services require you to open an account with them first. Think of a hosting service as a store or office where your service operates.
When selecting a host, assess how much disk space they offer. Other issues to consider are bandwidth, reliability, and technical support and FTP access. For a business site, commercial web hosting services are preferable because they offer more in terms of support and services. Your web host will help in setting up the domain name and most of the time, they will also teach you in terms of getting started with your website.

3. Web Design Pointers
If you’re in a hurry, simply hire a professional web designer to create your site. If you’re going to do it yourself, get a WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") web editor. There are free web authoring tools, commercial software and web-based editors available. Software today has made HTML designing easier. You are shielded from a lot of the technical stuff, although you can code if you want. These days though, creating a web page is no more difficult than designing a page in a word processor or desktop publishing program.

4. Test Your Website
Testing should be done as you design the site. Make sure that it is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. These browsers are free to download. Also check if the site forum, forms, animation and other elements are working properly.

5. Get People to Know That Your Site Exists
When your website is complete, submit it to search engines like Bing and Google. The links on your site will help people find it. You can also promote your site by joining social networks and adding a link to your site. There are professional PR services available that you can use, too.
As you can see, a lot of factors come into play when you study how to start a website. But it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. As long as you have the right services and tools, everything should go smoothly.
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